March #SOL2 Day 24 – Working, Enjoying and Sushi-ing

Day 24 of March #SOL22


After a day of working outside, I am now sitting in my home, looking out at the porch. Where I used to see three random mix-match colors of paint,  now I see all the same shade of Timid White. I’m enjoying the cooling air of our new H-VAC system, as today was the first day that went over 80 F. I’m writing a quick post because I’ll be leaving in twenty minutes to go out for dinner with my brother and sister-in-law, who helped us finish painting our home. Dinner will be at Kimi Grill for Japanese food. I am a happy woman.

In the past three homes we’ve owned, it seems every time we did any home remodeling or updates, we moved within a year or two. Did we know we unconsciously know we were going to move, so we were getting ready to sell it at a better profit? Or was it just bad timing. This time, however, in retirement, I am doing the work just for us and our friends and family. It has made all the difference. I have more respect and love for our little cabin with every brush stroke, nail, and rake of the yard. (Almost) every day I am motivated to get up and work.

I hope you all enjoy the Slicer Meet-Up! I enjoyed the last one. However, tonight the sushi is calling me.

2 thoughts on “March #SOL2 Day 24 – Working, Enjoying and Sushi-ing

  1. There can be no better reason to work on one’s home, I think – “I am doing the work just for us and our friends and family.” What a happy investment you are making! Happy for you that you are enjoying this work so much (most of the time!). Enjoy!

  2. A day working on the house deserves a meal out. Hope it was good. I think our homes are like our bodies: We should dress them for now, for the body we have and the time we’re there while there.

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