March #SOL22 Day 26 – Yard Sale

Day 26 of March #SOL22

Today there was a yard sale in my yard. When we moved here, there was so much extra stuff in our yard and house, and my sister has even more extra stuff than we do. She brought things over and we hung up signs with balloons inviting people in to look around and buy.

I’m always touched by how friendly people are in our new town. It was very interesting to hear people’s stories and see what they were interested in buying. It was a good day.

And this was my view as I waited between customers

2 thoughts on “March #SOL22 Day 26 – Yard Sale

  1. What a vista! And what a beautiful day for a yard sale. Such a bonus that everyone in your new town is so friendly.

  2. What a blessed view you have from your home! You really are near Joshua Tree, aren’t you? I’m glad you had fun at the yard sale. I bet it felt good to see things go!

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