March #SOL22 Day 28 – Up Past Midnight

Day 28 of March #SOL22

Here is a first in months. I am sitting here after midnight. Usually I’m in bed between 9 and 10. I’m up now listening to The Crown (S2 E5) and the howling wind. We’ve had a few days of really warm weather, and tonight it is turning a bit colder. We may have rain tomorrow.

Yesterday we hung up the window trimming on our freshly painted house (white replacement windows coming in June, and a screen door makeover soon). I stained and waxed a book shelf, and I hung up some lattice between our house and car port. And I haven’t slept yet, so I’m posting this very short sliver of life before I go to bed.

7 thoughts on “March #SOL22 Day 28 – Up Past Midnight

  1. You have been so amazingly busy lately. I love seeing how your house is evolving. I hope you sleep well!

  2. Sliver of life – love it, Denise. Things look to be coming together beautifully. I know it’s heartening to see the progress. Ongoing strength – and some good rest! – to you each day.

  3. I love the cleanness of fresh paint, the smell of it, the newness of polished/stained bookshelves. Spring is in the air, and the dustbunnies of winter are hopping away, invaded by the pollen of spring. For Christmas, I got a Shark VacMop, the robot kind, and I used the mop feature yesterday for the first time. It’s amazing how just a little bit of cleaning inspires us. The smell of the cleaner makes me feel like a new person. And you inspire me to want to get outside and do some exterior cleaning now……

  4. Denise, the house looks so good. I love the window trim and am excited for your new windows. You won’t believe the difference they make. I think you know I write my posts at night for the following day. When I’m home in MST, that means at midnight EST it’s 10:00 for me. As long as we’re in that 24 hour window, we’re following protocols. Those two hours make a difference.

  5. Wow, that’s a long day, but the fruits of your labor are stunning. Plus you got a slice/sliver in! Nice work.

  6. I am impressed with how you are just chipping away at all these household renovations – wow, Denise! You are so motivated. No wonder you are awake after midnight! Looks great! You must be so happy to feel this sense of completion.

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