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26 April 2022 Slice of Life at

In the last week I’ve traveled through nine states. California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota. Here’s my route:

We weren’t on a tour of the beauty of our country as we were on transporting ourselves across the country, but here are a few photos I’ve taken along the way.

California Desert
Utah Desert
Dinner in the park in Beaver, Utah
Beaver, Utah (I wish every park had a Musical Park)

What adults asked “Generation V”
if it was ok if they invented
something so deadly for them?

After two hot and humid days and a bit of green growth, we then had snow in Iowa. Will the tulips make it for the tulip festival in three weeks?


8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Travels

  1. Long road trips are memorable adventures. You’ve seen so much of the country! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Great photos, Denise! Hope you have enjoyed the road trip. What takes you to Minnesota? I agree with your musing about vaping – such a horrible habit, I think.

  3. Denise, what a journey! You are a n amazing traveler! I whited your photos. I am hoping you share an image poem for my Poetryliscious Gallery!

      1. Thank you, Denise. I tweeted a thank you to you and other PF friends.

  4. This is amazing! I love the map of your route and all the photos. You’ve given us a small, but fascinating look at a piece of this country of ours.

  5. Did you stop at carhenge while in Nebraska? You covered many miles in one week. I love the idea of a musical park.

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