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Heidi is hosting the Poetry Friday roundup today here at her blog, “my juicy little universe.” Be sure to read her amazing collection of odes to the month of March across the centuries. And a happy birthday to Heidi tomorrow!

I’ve had thoughts of my mortality this week. (No particular reason, except I’ll be 65 this year!) Today I woke up thinking about my one word for 2023–ACT–and wrote this acrostic (with my new Sharpie markers).

A reason to thrive
Cherished time
Ticks on

Last year, my word was PURPOSE. I felt I spent the whole year with vague wonderings like, “Could this be my retirement purpose?” Then in 2023, I thought I just need to ACT on the needs around me. I won’t be here forever.

Last week in the Slice of Life challenge I wrote a golden shovel poem based on a quote from Irene Latham’s Poetry Friday post last week. Read Irene’s post here; it’s beautiful, and she is a good example of someone who acts–making opportunities for living well and doing good. The quote I used is “What if our only purpose really is to be present?”

What can I say except this day is precious and
if it must be my last, I will live it contentedly.
Our world will go on without me, and finally
only LOVE will prevail. But if I get another day, on
purpose I will live it–
really live it. Even if it
is just sitting inside, staying warm,
to read and write, I can still
be here, in this place, fully alive, opening this sweet
~Denise Krebs, after Irene Latham

17 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – ACT now

  1. Denise, I like your new perspective: Act Now. The present is here so we do need to stay in the moment. The word age is coming up quite a bit lately so being present is essential. Thanks for the inspiration to be in the moment, a place I’m always trying to strive for.

  2. I’ve tried many golden shovel poems. None of mine have ever been that great. I’m inspired to try again today after reading yours. đŸ™‚

  3. Two good ones, Denise. I admire your Golden Shovel; I’ve never tried one!

  4. Ah 65, I remember it fondly. đŸ™‚ Two nice poems, Denise!

  5. Ah Denise thanks for your tingly-good-feeling poem, with such heart flowing through it! And yes, to acting now and being present, thanks!

  6. oooof…have you been reading my mind? Similar thoughts here. And, as poets, we don’t just have thoughts…we walk into the middle of them and spend time with them. Same here with no particular reason. I think that it’s just developmentally time for me to think these things as my children leave home. I’m not especially sad just thinking…what ways do I want to ACT now? What are my priorities. I love how you took your thoughts and put them into something others can understand!

  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem, Denise, as well as for the reminder that it’s important to make every day count because every day is, indeed, a present.

  8. This is wonderful, Denise, and I love the wordplay of present. And that repetition of live it, really live it. Yes. xo

  9. Your Golden Shovel poem is fabulous and I really love your word of the year and all that it means.

  10. “I can still/be here . . . present” is a way to “act”, Denise. It’s a poem to put by you each day, wending your way through life. I love reading your post this morning as I start the weekend’s work and play! Thank you!

  11. Two amazing poems – and I *love* your 2023 word for the year AND this last line: “be here, in this place, fully alive, opening this sweet / present” Wonderful!

  12. I ‘dig’ your golden shovel, Denise. ‘Act’ually, it’s a gift!

  13. So much to relate to! Pondering mortality (turning 63 next month) and thinking about my word for this year which is, coincidentally, “Presence.” đŸ™‚ Your poem ties in, for me, with the poignant poem from Billy Collins, “Days.” Now I need to do an acrostic, too, with Presence. đŸ™‚ Thanks for this, Denise!

  14. So late finishing the rounds this week! Sorry. Your OLW and your acrostic are present and purposeful. ACT now, even if the action is to appreciate being present. Nice double entendre at the end!

  15. Oh, Denise. What a beautiful post. I love your call to ACT and to be present. “Be here, in this place, fully alive, opening this sweet present.”

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