Poetry Friday – A Dying Joshua

Mary Lee Hahn at A(nother) Year of Reading is hosting the Poetry Friday roundup today. You can visit her post here and see how she has nailed down her National Poetry Month project (the cherita), is ready to start the Progressive Poem tomorrow, and is launching into more wonderfulness of NPM.

Recently I noticed a dying Joshua Tree in our yard. It wasn’t the dying of the tree that I noticed–I’ve seen this tree for years, and I knew it was dying. What struck me this time was the prominent bloom on top, one of the very first Joshua blossoms I’ve seen this spring. Here is my etheree in honor of this transforming tree.

A Dying Joshua

remains of this
Joshua tree are
not surrendering yet,
stretches, pulls up through dead wood
living crown blossom lifts upward
toward heaven, the life of the tree
persists with hope for another season

Happy Poetry Month! I wrote a poem about the National Poetry Month poster.

We were all meant for something










For something we were all meant


The Skinny is a poetry form created by Truth Thomas. Read more about the form here. 

It seems I just started a series by writing that Skinny poem, my second poetry month poster poem. Last year’s poster and poem:

There’s a poem in this place
and a hope for humanity
in the cleaving of brokenness
the loved become whole
in this place of poems

You are invited to join ETHICAL ELA’s April #Verselove, which starts tomorrow.


18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – A Dying Joshua

  1. These poems are just gorgeous, Denise, so full of hope, purpose, and healing. That Joshua tree seems determined to go out in a burst of glory! All in all, so very uplifting.

  2. There is absolutely NOTHING more hopeful than your Joshua Tree. Gorgeous photo, thought- and hope-provoking poem. My wish is that your Joshua Tree is a metaphor for our planet. We WILL bring it back from the brink. (We MUST!!!)

  3. Denise, I’m sorry, but that’s not a “yard,” it’s a landscape! And I agree that there’s something wiry and hopeful in “not surrendering yet,” in drawing up a “living crown blossom.” Lovely.

  4. Ooh, you’re full of beauty today — that skinny title just hits hard, and I’m cheering on that last Joshua Tree bloom as revealed in your graceful etheree. Thanks for all the goodness today, and cheers to that that ” living crown blossom” stretching towards heaven.

  5. Wow, you have transformed this dying Joshua tree into such a beacon of beauty and persistence. And I especially love your skinny too. Thanks for sharing these! I ordered my national poetry month poster, but I haven’t received it yet. I may need to print out your skinny and attach it somehow.

  6. I saw a lot of Joshua trees, and for the first time, last April with we drove through Nevada. They twist about and look so parched. I love what you’ve captured, the aging old tree with a last spark of life.

  7. Happy Poetry Month Denise! I particularly love the line “not surrendering yet” in your Joshua Tree poem. That feels just about right for my mood lately. Thank you for sharing!

  8. It’s our April’s first morning and nothing happier than reading your poems full of hope, Denise! You’ve infused your joshua tree’s never giving up for all of us. I love that you’ve started writing for the Poetry Month posters. You should send them to Poets.org which will love them.

  9. How beautiful…a visual metaphor and your lovely poem. Hope springs eternal, doesn’t it? This is just the thing to launch me into spring break. Thank you.

  10. The etheree and the photo brought the “I Will Survive” song to mind. And that skinny, just WOW! What a fun poetry month you are having! 🙂

  11. So many good things in this post! The Joshua tree is so different from my landscape, so I loved reading about it. And I am also excited to try a skinny poem. Happy Poetry Month!

  12. That Joshua tree is a beacon of resilience! Thank you for sharing your lovely poems. And I enjoyed seeing the landscape of your “yard.” So diferent from mine.

  13. “…persists with hope” – you captured the image beautifully, Denise.
    And I love your Skinny! I’m planning to include a Skinny later this month for my NPM project (30 for 30 in 30).

  14. Love your tribute to this mighty Joshua holding on with pride a bit longer-wonderful pic too! And yes to your “creative” skinny, thanks Denise!

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