April 30 #Verselove – Thirty Thanks

Thirty Thanks with Sarah Donovan, April 30, 2024

Today was a day to say goodbye until June and write a poetic response to this month of writing poems. I stumbled around for a while, and then I wrote a silly limerick.

There is a sweet group of #Verselove poets
Whose give-and-take melts me, though it
sounds today 
like a cliché
But I still wanted you to know it.

Earlier attempts:

Bandage burns with words
Breathe fresh life into the broken–
Balm of a poem
Drive the poem
a journey of new life
with words you’ll make it
Life is full as the sea
Waiting for your nascent words
A poem to float on
Words rather than guns
Your life, a scope of grace
Shooting only poems

2 thoughts on “April 30 #Verselove – Thirty Thanks

  1. All your attempts would have sufficed, but I love the limerick. They are hard for me to write, so I always admire anyone who can do it. It’s been fun writing alongside you this month.

  2. Margaret, thank you for your kind words. It has been great writing with you, and thanks again for the progressive poem. That’s been lots of fun this year.

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