Slice of Life – A month blew by

June 27, 2023

Today I find myself sitting in a Comfort Inn in a little town in Oregon. Here is the lovely view from my hotel window this morning. (A parking lot is a much more common view!)

We’ll soon get on the road to the home of my longest-loved best friend.

It’s been a month since I’ve been here. Here are some of the June highlights.

On June 5, my sister and I sat on the lawn at the Colorado State Capitol. I became more convinced that the second amendment is obsolete and should be repealed.

A week later we were on the road through the redwoods in northern California.

Happy Flag Day #Takebacktheflag

On our official anniversary, we had seafood in Eureka, California.

Los Bagels  in Eureka had delicious sandwiches.

We drove up the Oregon coast.

Whaleshead Beach

Oregon was full of Scotch Broom plants, which grew along the roadways and at the base of trees. It was beautiful and strangely out-of-place amongst the evergreens. I looked it up to learn it is a fast-spreading invasive species and outlawed (as much as possible) in the state of Washington. I thought it was interesting and a sign of good enforcement that we didn’t see it in Washington.

Two types of Scotch Broom

The Rogue River, where Keith’s grandfather used to own a fishing resort.

Then the greatest reward of our road trip. I got to see my grandson.

He and his mom went to a fourth grade classroom in their neighborhood school once a month this year for the Roots of Empathy program. I was so happy to join them for their last meeting of the year, which included a birthday cake for Milo.

Here’s my baby making birthday cupcakes for Milo’s birthday. (She’s using my mother’s Kitchen Aid mixer, which is about 50ish years old now.)

There was so much birthday fun! The baby made it through what was probably “too much birthday” on many levels. He was a trooper, and the next day he came down with his first ever runny nose.

Good evening and goodbye to Seattle at Bitter Lake.




6 thoughts on “Slice of Life – A month blew by

  1. I love all your pictures and life events in June! You revealed so much of what is in your heart through this post and photographs.

  2. What a wonderful trip with beautiful photos… and reading to Grandbaby is a priceless photo!

  3. Denise, I am wistful for my trip out west last summer! How wonderful to have a month in Oregon. I thought the Rogue River was one of the most beautiful places I had not expected to see … I knew those redwoods would thrill me, and Crater Lake, but I didn’t know about the Rogue River. Happy one year birthday to your sweet grandson!! Sweet slice; loved this!

  4. I loved the way you recapped your month- it had been a missing month for me too and I coulda, woulda, shoulda done a recap too. Your carefully chosen words and images show so much about what you value- nature and family come out strong. How wonderful that you got to be there for your grandson’s first birthday!

  5. What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing your pictures. They gave me a little cool in the heat of my summer.

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