Slice of Life 24 – A Prayer on Palm Sunday #sol24

24 March 2024

St. Joseph of Arimathea Episcopal Church has chosen this prayer as their vision statement:

O God, lover of all souls, we desire you.
Move us to act justly, to love mercy, and
to walk humbly as we carry on Christ’s work
of reconciliation in the world. Amen

Yes, please. I want this. I’m so happy to be a new member at St. Joseph.

Today is
Palm Sunday.
Can all those
who enter here
be more like
Here’s to
who ride
a young
rather than
a war horse.
Here’s to
those who
are quietly
strong and
don’t have
to beat their
own drum
and sing
their own
Here’s to

13 thoughts on “Slice of Life 24 – A Prayer on Palm Sunday #sol24

  1. Happy Palm Sunday! I think prayers for our leaders and meditations on what makes a good leader are especially important right now as we are in a big election year.

  2. Happy Palm Sunday! A lovely and powerful statement in your poem. Your slice brings to mind one Palm Sunday when I sat next to an older member in church. As we listened, her hands took the palm stalk and gently fashioned a cross. As we walked out of church she handed me the small palm cross — a promise and a charge to go forth. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Happy Palm Sunday! I love the line “here’s to those who are quietly strong and don’t have to beat their own drums or sing their own praises” Parts of society these days are so selfish the only drum
    They here is their own. Whispering, resurrecting, recreating, leadership are what I will pray for! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful prayer on this special day.

  4. Denise, these reminders of the humble spirit cause us to stop in our tracks and think about things. I like the entry statement to be more like Him. If we all did that, just imagine.

  5. I will be singing and ringing bells around our small Episcopal church in union with you and this prayer: “quietly
    strong and
    don’t have
    to beat their
    own drum”
    What a wonderful, intentional way to start Holy Week. Thanks!

  6. Denise, your poem is absolutely beautiful and poignant. It brings tears to my eyes. Your wisdom shines through your words. Yes, let’s have leaders who do not beat their own drums or ride a war horse. Humility and wisdom would carry our world forward so much farther. Thank you for sharing such a previous poem with us today. Happy Palm Sunday!

  7. Lovely, Denise! I so agree with
    “Here’s to
    who ride
    a young
    rather than
    a war horse.”

  8. Denise,
    I love both the prayer you’ve shared and the prayer poem you’ve written. I wish both were in the hearts of others who call themselves Christian. I wasn’t even thinking about today being Palm Sunday when I wrote my post and included a prayer in it. This morning I saw a NYT article about right-wing tourists creating disinformation down at the Darian Gap where they’re going as tourists to watch struggling immigrants What a world.

  9. We are having a glorious Palm Sunday here in Maryland; just got home from waving palms with my congregation. I hope and pray that you have landed in a loving church, one that offers (as you beautifully write) a “whispering, re-creating, resurrecting” community. Beautiful poem, Denise; thank you for sharing it!

  10. Your post is a beautiful reminder of our calling. Thank you. Your words, “resurrecting leadership” sound especially strong and true to me.

  11. Thank you for reminding us that Palm Sunday is all about hope & possibility, a reminder that justice’s partner is joy.

  12. I was about to read your post when I glance at my morning clock and instead, jumped out of bed, showered and took my mom to Mass for Palm Sunday. So now I have returned and your church’s mission statement prayer and your poem are a lovely way to end this holy Sunday. I predict you will be enjoying a meaningful Holy Week. I’m glad you are a menber of a church you love.

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