Saturday, 20 August 2022, Open Write – Leucocholy

Today’s prompt by Gayle Sands is a wordplay poem. She gave links to Merriam-Webster where there were lots of uncommon words to choose from. Then we went to WordHippo and looked for antonyms, synonyms, rhyming words, and more. Read more about her prompt here at Ethical ELA’s “Wordplay for August.”

Leucocholy – “a state of feeling that accompanies preoccupation with trivial and insipid diversions.”

Doom scrolling, gaming, searching,
YouTubing, following on social media
Time spent dabbling in drivel,
Nonsense, insignificance, trivial
Pursuits and amusements.
Distractions, beguilement,
Frivolity, levity, jejune whoopee
Busyness with characterless
Banality, the bland, ho-hum ordinariness
Of tired and vapid diversions.
Oh, the mind-numbing, eye-blurring,
Wasteful feeling of leucocholy.

March #SOL22 Day 20 – Lament and Celebrate

Day 20 of March #SOL22

We are taking two days off from painting the outside of our home. There are strong wind advisories in our area today and tomorrow. Sand is blowing, creosotes are whipping the air, and we are staying snuggly indoors. However, it is not very comforting to look around my living room and see this mess.

I hate that my living room looks like this,
hijacked by renovation debris:

I love that there is hope for
restoration, relaxation, renewal
And eventual “after” photos

Today’s prompt, “Lament and Celebrate“, is from Andrew Moore at Ethical ELA’s Open Write.

March #SOL22 Day 19 – Living Water

Day 19 of March #SOL22

Thinking of ingredients in my kitchen:
rice, beans, tofu, oil, garlic, onions,
so many.
Which is most important?
None of those.
Perhaps there is only one
we can’t live without–
the unsung, unmentioned
ingredient in most recipes.
I use it in everything, really.
It takes the crunch out of pasta,
puts the porridge in oatmeal, and–
stop a second and imagine with me–
How would tea and coffee be without it?

It covers a multitude of issues,
A stew multiplies into a soup
A thick, globby mess transforms into gravy
A varnished stir fry pan (looking impossible
to clean) magically deglazes into rich broth

Water saves a dehydrated person,
Removes paint* from skin,
And, on and on
Of course, as you know,
the water usage list is endless

Which reminded me today
of you, the Living Water.
Moses hit you in the desert
and you poured out for all
the thirsty rebels

When you were by the well
You asked her
for a drink of water.
Suffering in the heat of the day,
she drew water up
in her leather bucket
and gave some to you–
clear, cool, hydrating.
Then you gave her Living Water
so she’d never thirst again
You saw her, redeemed her.

She learned, as I can,
about living water
the one I can’t live without–
the one I can’t Love without.

*Painting went well today, believe it or not!

This post is from a prompt “Ingredients” by John Noreen at Ethical ELA Open Write. Join us?

Slice of Life – Poetry Opportunities

Today’s Slice of Life at, 2 February 2022

It has not been easy to write during the past two months, since I moved back to the U.S. from Bahrain. Why? I don’t know.

Here I am trying again. I have committed to the month-long Slice of Life in March, and then to some poetry projects in April, like the Kid Lit Progressive Poem that Margaret Simon hosts. (There are still openings for you to join!) Another poetry opportunity can be found at Ethical ELA, writing a #verselove poem a day in April. (Click to sign up.)

With so many wonderful opportunities, I hope I can build up my writing consistency again.

Today is Twosday, 2-22-22. Or as they write the date in most of the world: 22-2-22. I saw that Twosday was a day for Wordle in two guesses, which happened to be what I did it in today too. That was a weirdness.

Wordle 248 2/6


This week was also the time for the February Open Write at Ethical ELA, so below I’m sharing the poems we wrote this week. Check out the links below for some great prompts and mentor texts to use in your classroom.

Saturday, 19 February 2022
Pedagogy Poetry with Glenda Funk

I call myself the
chief learner, but how is it
I can’t stop stumbling?

Sunday, 20 February 2022
Kitchen Ghosts with Glenda Funk

Sometimes in this desert
where my grandpa and grandma lived
in separate houses
and Aunt Thelma fed the road runners
little pills of raw hamburger
and Uncle Arthur and his donkey
mined for gold
and Uncle Guy and Uncle Andrew
watched sports and drank beer
and my cousins made houses of art
and my sister still puts puzzles together
juggling eight houses
decorated and equipped
for weekend hikers
I wonder what I will do and become
and what memories I will leave
for the young ones
who watch me

Monday, 21 February 2022
Dear____ Poem with Susan Ahlbrand

Dear Body,

You have served me well.
There were days I thought I
needed to look different,
better, more like society’s ideal.
But then I learned you are all mine,
and you are a glorious gift.
A glorious gift that was knitted together
by the creator of the universe,
kissed by an angel, and set
on this earth to love and be loved.

I abused you at times–
too much food, too little exercise.
But you have held up quite well
for me,
in spite of me.

You have proven versatile–
you’ve hit and caught thousands of softballs,
you’ve swum and run and walked in beautiful places,
you’ve birthed two babies,
you’ve given me kidneys enough to share,
you’ve helped me love to eat legumes and veggies,
and just today you let me
dismantle an abandoned pack rat’s nest,
pull down and set the ramp on a U-Haul truck,
and ride my fat tire bike in the sand.

I’ve entered my seventh decade with
a few bumps and bruises,
sore joints, excess cholesterol,
new artificial lenses in my eyes,
and other weaknesses,
but I love you,
and I just wanted to tell you so.

With gratitude,

Tuesday, 22 February 2022
Palindrome Poem with Susan Ahlbrand

icy cold
wintry mix
wind blows
cracks and caverns
in this old house

in this old house
cracks and caverns
wind blows
summery heat
icy lemonade

Tomorrow there is one more day for writing in the February Quick Write series at Ethical ELA. Tomorrow’s prompt will be by Britt Decker.

Cars – Ethical ELA Open Write

Susie Morice has given a great writing prompt today related to cars. Check it out here at today’s Ethical ELA’s Open Write.

Opel Kadett Estate
minted in 1967
A decade later it
became my first car baby
A real red Valentine
presented to me
by my mom for my senior year
A show-stopping heartthrob
that cost a precious $250.
A delicious cherries jubilee rave
that all my friends loved to ride in
A charismatic bolero dance,
this little beauty was all mine.

The very first week
that obnoxious “check oil” light kept
showing up on my instrument panel.
That little radish shrilled its warning.

I knew how to check the oil
I can pull out the dipstick
So I checked it lots of times,
all week.
The oil was always fine,
never low.

So I kept driving it.
Another week later
there would be no more driving it.
The motor had burned out.

(to be continued!)


Slice of Life and Ethical ELA Open Write – Paint Chip Poetry

Today’s Slice of Life at, 18 January 2022

Today, Dr. Kim Johnson has introduced us to paint chip poetry at the Ethical ELA Open Write.  I found some beautiful paint names and gave it a try about the view from my window. I used Sherwin-Williams Color Sample Chart to choose my colors. I highlighted the 16 paint chip names I wrote with today.

There’s s a full moon shining tonight
So cold, the stardew has fallen and gathered on the sand
Moth wings glimmer, their free spirit soars sky high
Thinking they are keeping the moon in sight
They actually frolic just around my porch light
blushing in their undignified beating, their alabaster
pollen powder sprinkling the air as they dream big
Billowy breezes, cheerful and undercool make me
Think of the heartfelt delight I carry in this earthen jug

Double Golden Shovel – Ethical ELA Open Write

Today’s golden shovel prompt came from the expert–Dr. Kimberly Johnson. Read all about it here, and be sure to watch her video explanation. My inspiration and Martine Luther King, Jr. quote came from an Instagram post today by Ibram X. Kendi.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ibram X. Kendi (@ibramxk)

It is time for a lesson for all us whites.
Is justice and peace better 55 years after he said it?
An unapologetic MLK prophesied. Listen we must.
Aspect 1 is that he was killed for speaking so frankly
of injustice and the complicity of white silence. Let his words be
their healing, our healing. It’s been said,
Sense of racism we all suffer. We all are
of the same truth–no justice, no peace. There’s not
superiority in having different skin color. Putting
that into perspective…is there superiority in
the size shoe you wear? Since 1619 similar
people have tried to justify injustice. A mass
of privilege led to silence and denial. The effort
America has taken to hide in white fears, to
believe whites are more. We need to reeducate.
They need, we need to know 40 acres and a mule would themselves
have been a much more productive effort. Old ideas out,
so we can educate ourselves out of
little and fearful thinking. We can humbly bow to their
to-finally-have-justice lives of color. We can give up fearing, own,
learn, act to take out white supremacy, and bury our ignorance.

Monotetra – Ethical ELA Open Write

Stacey Joy has given us another good prompt today. I wrote my poem based on my word for 2022: Simplify.

Advice for 2022

Note to self: Watch for what astounds
Make the high desert your playground
Let love guide you as hope abounds
Simply resound, simply resound

Curb your buyological urge
Leave Amazon and on love splurge
Let each day thoroughly emerge
Simplify surge, simplify surge

Goodbye clutter. It’s a new year
Make do, create, and have no fear
Do keep your priorities clear
Simplify here, simplify here

I wrote another monotetra in 2020. I’m still praying a miracle will happen and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act will be passed.

John Lewis

Racism’s scars and stains knew he.
Bloodied, unafraid, fighter free
Forging Beloved Community
Gift of esprit, Gift of esprit

The ‘Conscience of Congress’ is right
Which others will take up his fight?
Remain hopeful, not take to flight
Even at night, Even at night

The menace of his later years
Just one more foe he had to clear
Remained unconquered through our tears
Courage not fears, Courage not fears

John Lewis, determined tower
The unbowed master of the hour
Strong, but gentle as a flower
Rest in Power, Rest in Power