Day 23 – #AprilBlogADay – Transparency

How transparent should our profession be? This question is good. I’ll just take a stab at it, but…Disclaimer: I really don’t know. Anyone of you reading this blog, knows lots of teachers who are transparent. They blog and tell the world about their hopes and dreams, successes and failures. I feel I’ve been quite transparent, […]

Day 20 #AprilBlogADay – Now

What are you working on NOW? What are you trying to get better at? True confessions! This is a bad time to ask this question because I’m mostly working on the basics, like trying to help students listen to each other and me. Spring fever has hit us hard. We still have seven weeks of […]

Day 19 – #AprilBlogADay – Tech

Tech in the classroom – Should we? Why? How?  Yes, of course we should use technology in the classroom. If we need it, we should use technology. Technology is great when it improves the way we get things done. Writing with pencils is definitely better than using a lead stylus on papyrus, a quill dipped in a […]

Day 18 – #AprilBlogADay – Elevating

What small steps are you willing to take to elevate the profession? I guess the major small step I can–and do–take is to be a role model to those around me. I try to model what I believe a passionate, hard-working teacher is. That’s easy really. We are what we are, and so people will […]

Day 17 – #AprilBlogADay – Thankful

TGIF – What are you thankful for on this Friday? I am always thankful. If things are going well, I’m thankful for the good things. If things are disarrayed, I’m thankful it’s not worse. This Friday I am thankful for my husband. My thoughts and words seem trite as I formulate them, but here is […]

Day 16 – #AprilBlogADay PLN and PLC

Why are PLCs and PLNs important? Different? Contribute to school success? My day starts early and is ending as some of you in North America are just getting started. I usually wait until evening to write my #AprilBlogADay post because I need to wait for the topic to come out. No excuses, it’s just that […]

Day 15 – #AprilBlogADay – Social Media

How has social media changed your classroom?  Personally? Professionally? Social media has changed my classroom and me–both personally and professionally. Here’s the back story. It started with this very blog. I wrote my first post on October 17, 2009. My blogging purpose was to help my students publish their work in an eMagazine, of sorts. I had […]