My Own Genius Hour in the California Desert

I’m having such a great time spending two weeks at my sister’s house. Her place is a dream come true for makers, builders, creators, and artists. Plus, it is beautiful California desert, where I’ve spent much time since my childhood. My niece just came by and picked up a few tiles to add to the […]

More Genius Hour in Kindergarten

I don’t want children to stop asking questions. I want to be the teacher that welcomes provocative questions. That’s why I so firmly believe in getting out of the way of children and letting them question and learn. Genius Hour has been a way to affirm this in my classroom. I’ve been wondering how to do […]

The Genius Hour Guidebook – Coming Soon

(Originally posted at By Denise Krebs and Gallit Zvi A few years ago the two of us took a risk in our practice–we asked our students what they wanted to learn about and let them take the reins and direct their own learning. Shortly after, we began the collaborative Genius Hour website, and then […]

Genius Hour Manifesto

Gallit, Hugh, Joy and I were excited to talk about our passion in this “Genius Hour Manifesto” post at Education is My Life (@edismylife). I wanted to add a link here, so you’d be sure to see it. Thank you for reading my blog!

Hope, Engagement, Well-Being, and Genius Hour

I happened to see a tweet from @mrstg recently. She had retweeted @bundtjd message below: much to think about from this presentation — Joel Bundt (@bundtjd) March 4, 2013 There was “much to think about from this presentation” by Brandon Busteed, education director of Gallup. In the speech, he addresses business leaders about the […]