Slice of Life – Simplify

Today’s Slice of Life at, 11 January 2022

It’s been almost a month since I even attempted to record slices of my life. So much has happened since my last post.  We finished saying goodbye and flew from Bahrain on 31 December. We began the new year in California.

I thought a lot about clutter while I cleaned and packed my old house and got ready to move into my new (to us) 1000-square-foot home. I chose a word for 2022 thanks to some great comments on this November post. My one word for 2022 will be Simplify, with some monthly “helper” words like Erika did last year.

So my helper word for January is “purge.” That’s what had to happen with this house, which over the past six years has been at various times empty, occupied, and used as storage. We are so happy to claim it again as our own.

Some items ready for the dumpster — do you see the beast back there?
Giant-sized dumpster
More things removed from our house

We have been purging. The house was full to overflowing with furniture and supplies. It probably could have outfitted three homes with all the multiples of appliances, blankets, space heaters, furniture and more furniture. We have had lots to choose from, which we are thankful for and we are keeping, but so much extra is going out into the front yard for giveaways and dumping.

We have been here a week and a half now, and we haven’t only been cleaning. We’ve…

Watched my daughter and son-in-law perform their redecorating magic in our bedroom (click to see more of their work)
Shared some family meals
Taken a fun and strenuous hike
Enjoyed watching some sunsets
Created my 2022 temperature quilt key. I’ll be using found yarns to create a quilt of the temperatures in our first year.

And one of the highlights of the season has been the news that my eldest daughter is going to have a baby in June.

The package with these mugs was the first mail we got at our new address.

So, here we go on another adventure. I’m hoping to simplify as I enjoy each new day I’m given.