Build Back Better

This week’s Slice of Life at
We fixed the broken community metaphor from last week.

Take care of your feelings and build
an unforgettable school year. We are back
and even when it doesn’t feel like it, things will get better.

I wrote a Golden Shovel poem for today. It’s when you use the words from a quote, a short verse, or a line from a poem to begin or end each line. “Build back better” is one of Biden’s slogans. It was mentioned a lot at the Democratic convention. I am confident we will build our schools, health care and economic systems–and yes, our whole country–back better. (By the way, are you registered to vote?)

Today we met the students on Zoom. Every single one of the grade 5 students came with enthusiasm and joy at being in school again. It gave us hope and made us all smile! (And all the unanswered questions could be forgotten for a short time.)

A couple more first week pics.

Ten students in grade 5 will come for blended learning.
A lovely activity we did with our department. “What are your expectations of each other on this team?”