My Daughter Maria, A Kind of Clerihew

Clerihew is a poetry form that I have heard of, but I had never written one. So today, thanks to inspiration by Janice Scully, I’ll give it a go.

Janice wrote two beautiful Clerihews for Kamala and Joe. She ended her post with this challenge: “Perhaps there is someone you would like to celebrate with a clerihew. If you do sometime, please share them.”

Yes, there is, so this is my sometime. I know clerihews are usually about someone famous. So here is my oldest daughter–famous to me! I couldn’t stop at four lines, so I guess I still haven’t written a clerihew.

To My Daughter Maria
Knitter, sewist, vaccine chauffeur
Plant and pup mom, entrepreneur
Decorator, baker, contributor, cook
Friend and quilter, connoisseur of books
Skills abounding, not just a few
Your super power is being you