May 16 #EdBlogADay


Here are a few new blogs for today. I’ve read and commented on these posts. Enjoy!

Karen Foley (@kinderkfoley)
Blogs at Making My Way in K
Post: #Edblogaday: 3 Important Things to Remember at the EOY – I needed to read this today. We have 20 days left, and I don’t feel I’ve done enough.

Sarai Stetson (@MinecraftEduMs)
Blogs at MinecraftEdu Educator – Sarai teaches a 12-week Minecraft class. How cool is that? And she tells you all about it on her blog.
Post: Carpenter Blocks Mod

Robin Nehila (@radical_robin)
Blogs at Flip! Learn! Share!
Post: #AprilBlogADay Number Talks

Sandra Goodrich (@sanmccarron)
Blogs at Reflections of a Science Teacher
Post: Snow Days

May 14 #EdBlogADay


Here are a few new blogs for today. I’ve read and commented on these posts. Enjoy!

Nathan Bowling (@nate_bowling)
Blogs at A Teacher’s Evolving Mind
Post: On Teacher Quality and Solutions-Oriented Thinking – What a powerful writer! I’m looking forward to more blog posts.

Melissa Smith (@MrsSmith167)
Blogs at Crayons and Candy: A Teacher’s Journey
Post: I’m Working On… – Staying positive in the midst of testing stress!

Rebecca Cissel (@Rcissel)
Blogs at 21st Century Tekkie
Post: #edblogaday Day 12: Helping Students Cope With Testing – Another positive teacher during testing, helping others cope. Do you know about GoNoodle?

Molly Robbins (@robbinswriters)
Blogs at robbinswriters: I teach writing
Post: Reflective Time is Learning Time Great ideas reminding us to reflect and take care!

Kerry Gallagher (@KerryHawk02)
Blogs at KerryHawk02: Teaching HistoryTech
Post: The Student Data Privacy Balance – Be sure to read all the links and join the conversation about student privacy.

May 13 #EdBlogADay


Here are a few new blogs for today. I’ve read and commented on these posts. Enjoy!

Stacy Dillon (@mytweendom)
Blogs at Welcome to my (New) Tweendom
Post: Wonder by R.J. Palacio – I just had to read her post about one of my favorite books. Stacy has been blogging about tween books for ten years!

Stephanie Ranger (@StephWardRanger)
Blogs at Following the Yellow Brick Road
Post: A Moment of Humanity in the Classroom – A lovely story of making her classroom a safe place for all students, a place where they were free to talk about mental illness. Yes, some pay cheques aren’t paid in money!

Tom Krawczewicz (@tkraz)
Blogs at Like Krazy
Post: The worst advice I’ve ever heard about technology in the classroom – And it came out of his own mouth! What a riveting beginning to this post!

Urbie Delgado @urbie
Blogs at Connect the Dots
Post: High Hopes – Urbie is creating meaningful workshops tailored for his learners. (Even if they look like a crazy tractor!)

May 12 #EdBlogADay


Four new blogs today! I’ve read and commented on these posts. Enjoy!

Melissa Oliver (@maoliver17)
Blogs at Reflections on Learning Visually
Post: #EdBlogADay: Why Blog?

Molly Knowles (@mollyknowles322)
Blogs at The World is Your Stage
Post: Tips and Tricks for A Great Kindergarten Showcase

Megan Morgan (@mrsmeganmorgan)
Blogs at Mrs. Megan Morgan: Leading by Following
Post: Thanks to Part 2

Ben Dickson (@BDicksonNV)
Blogs at Rummages&Ramblings
Post: #thankastudent

May 11 #EdBlogADay


Here are several special blogs for today. I’ve read and commented on these posts. Enjoy!

Kimberly Mitchell (@inquiryfive)
Blogs with Amy Spinelli at Inquiry Partners
Posts: Why We Love Spring (And You Should Too) and What Do You Have to Celebrate Today?

Julie Hiltz (@juliehiltz)
Blogs at Center for Teaching Quality: Julie Hiltz Blog
Post: TWO WORDS! Specific Feedback

Katrina H. Conde (@KHC222)
Blogs at Language Arts and Humanities in 5C
Post: Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Jennifer Laffin (@laffinteach)
Blogs at Sweet Writing Life
Post: See Every Student

Lisa Hollenbach (@lisa_hollenbach)
Blogs at Lisa Hollenbach on Medium
Post: What Must Die in Order for Education to Move Forward?

Beth Crawford (@bethctech)
Blogs at Backstage Guiding
Post: The Secret to High Performance

Jon Harper (@jonharper70bd)
Blogs at Bailey and Derek’s Daddy
Post: How To Write Your First Blog Piece

May 10 #EdBlogADay


Today’s blog posts I’ve read and commented on! Enjoy!

Christy Post (@christypost9)
Blogs at Elementary Principles
Post: Something I Would Love to Try

Carol Perry (@clperry55)
Blogs at Better is Possible
Post: Why Collaborate?

Connie Rockow (@crockow8)
Blogs at The Optimistic Educator
Post: I Am That Teacher

Dawn Ellis (@dellis222)
Blogs at The Upfront Educator
Post: The Banana Tangent

Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry (@DoctorDea)
Blogs at Notions & Potions
Post: #EdBlogADay: Why Blog? Might I Wax Philosophic?

Cat Weer (@edutechchick)
Blogs at EduTechChick
Post: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9 #EdBlogADay


Today’s blog posts I’ve read and commented on! Enjoy!

Maggie Bolado (@mrsbolado)
Blogs at Every Dream Begins with a Dreamer
Post: First Blog. Ever.

Sharon Clark (@HolyGirl22)
Blogs at Love 4 Learning
Post: 2015 PBS Lead LearningMedia Digital Innovator

Jessica Wright (@JessicaMPitts)
Blogs at Healthy Teacher, Happy Teacher
Post: #EdBlogADay Day 4 What Do You Have to Celebrate Today?