Digital Citizenship

This week’s #EdublogsClub Prompt #28 is about Digital Citizenship. We read this article on Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship based on the book Digital Citizenship in Schools by Mike Ribble and Gerald Bailey, published on the webpage DigitalCitizenship.net The nine elements of Digital Citizenship: digital access digital commerce digital communication digital literacy digital etiquette digital law digital… Read more Digital Citizenship

Standards and Assessment

Standards and Assessment – A few random thoughts for this week’s #edublogsclub prompt. I’ve taught with and without standards, but I prefer and believe we need standards-based education. I also believe we need standards-based grading. We should be able to look at the standard and using descriptive narration tell how the student is and isn’t meeting… Read more Standards and Assessment

The Pendulum Swing – Or maybe just finding a better way

When I started teaching in the 1980’s, I was given a stack of books to teach, and that was what I taught–science, social studies, reading, grammar, whatever the school board or admin or committee chose for the books, that was our curriculum. I did it for five years in grades 2 and 3, in a… Read more The Pendulum Swing – Or maybe just finding a better way