Poetry Friday – Life-Drenched Promise

It has been an emotionally-full month or so. My last Poetry Friday post was in November, and I haven’t written much since.

Now, here we are in a new place, having uprooted from a home we loved and moved to another place we love. One that has always given us life-drenched promise. I have been coming to the southern California desert sincw before I was born. When I was still in my teens, I brought my future husband out to visit my grandma’s place. He loved it too. Now we have so much shared history here. My mom moved out here to take care of Grandma in her last years, and my children grew up visiting their grandma, my mom, in the same home. One of my daughters was married out here. Now I find myself living  here, ready to be a grandma. Life goes so fast, but there is also Promise!

Though I haven’t been actively posting and commenting lately, I have occasionally been reading your posts. Margaret’s (and the Inklings) challenge from last week has been on my mind this week. I loved “The Lost Lagoon” poem by Emily Pauline Johnson.

However, I didn’t try writing a poem until this morning. Since it’s the first poem I’ve dared to write in months, I am posting my first draft today.

Monday’s sunset in Yucca Valley, California

(After Emily Pauline Johnson)

Sunset is blanketing the high desert,
And we two dreaming the dusk away,
Beneath the memories of dear ones laid–
Grandparents, parents and more. They
Point to life-drenched Promise.

It is morning in the high desert,
And Grandma starts the wood fire.
Later, the post-rain creosote inspires
Our play. L.A. kids’ delight soars higher
In this land of life-drenched Promise.

Our honeymoon in the high desert
Was a last-minute choice when we heard
My grandma’s dying of cancer. She preferred
The ceremony go on without a word.
Her faith strong in Jesus’ life-drenched Promise.

O the draw of the high desert
Which brings us to our last chapter.
Decades of visiting has made us captor–
Holding this place in our hearts. Adapter
Soon to this life-drenched Promise.

Mary Lee Hahn has today’s poetry roundup. Her poem about pomegranates is a wonderful conversation starter.