May 11 #EdBlogADay


Here are several special blogs for today. I’ve read and commented on these posts. Enjoy!

Kimberly Mitchell (@inquiryfive)
Blogs with Amy Spinelli at Inquiry Partners
Posts: Why We Love Spring (And You Should Too) and What Do You Have to Celebrate Today?

Julie Hiltz (@juliehiltz)
Blogs at Center for Teaching Quality: Julie Hiltz Blog
Post: TWO WORDS! Specific Feedback

Katrina H. Conde (@KHC222)
Blogs at Language Arts and Humanities in 5C
Post: Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Jennifer Laffin (@laffinteach)
Blogs at Sweet Writing Life
Post: See Every Student

Lisa Hollenbach (@lisa_hollenbach)
Blogs at Lisa Hollenbach on Medium
Post: What Must Die in Order for Education to Move Forward?

Beth Crawford (@bethctech)
Blogs at Backstage Guiding
Post: The Secret to High Performance

Jon Harper (@jonharper70bd)
Blogs at Bailey and Derek’s Daddy
Post: How To Write Your First Blog Piece