Big sky
Big time
Big minds
Tiny-to-me stars flood the big sky
I sit timeless in the big time
Gazing at passing satellites built by big minds

I feel small when I lie under the stars in the moonless summer desert. Other sites are nonexistent at night–it’s just the big sky full of stars that fills my eyes. The sounds are hushed. The animals have burrowed for the night. The birds are roosting. The wind holds its breath.

Time seems to stop, yet it also passes quickly without fanfare. Every ninety minutes that same satellite passes overhead with the same blinking light. I don’t understand it. I feel small with my brain that couldn’t keep a satellite up in the sky.

Occasionally a meteor bursts across the canvas, burning up and leaving a trail of light for my viewing pleasure. Then I don’t feel so small. I feel nurtured and loved.

Big Love.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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