Poetry Friday – This is the Mourning Dove Pair

Today the Poetry Friday roundup is over at Laura Purdie Salas blog, Small Reads for Brighter Days. Thank you, Laura. I’m considering your poetry challenge for April. It sounds fun!

I did Laura’s poetryaction prompt from last week: “Go outside and find one thing to introduce in a poem that begins, ‘This is the…'” She wrote a sweet poem about the ash tree waiting for spring. It was inspired by the children’s book, The Lodge That Beaver Built, by Randi Sonenshine and Anne Hunter. (Thanks for those links, Laura.)

We have this very sweet pair of mourning doves in our yard. They nested last year in our yard. I believe some critter stole their eggs last spring because I saw eggs in the nest, but the next time I looked there were none (and no baby birds). But the pair are back now, they have built their nest, and I’m praying for the best.

Our Mourning Doves

This is the doublet of doves,
cooing and pursuing,
who wait for their eggs,
their purpose renewing,
and fly back to their nest
with hope and love brewing.
Image by Beto from Pixabay – When I get a good photo of our birds, I’ll add it.