Day 22 Slice of Life – My Sweet Husband

I’m lucky to be spending extra time at home with a husband like mine. I love him in a lot of ways and for many reasons, but this week a couple stood out.

I love to cook and he is a creative and capable cook too. We have always gotten along famously with meal times. His initiative in the kitchen is one of the things I like about him. The last couple days I’ve also been reminded about another endearing quality about him.

Yesterday I made a delicious dish that has become a family favorite.  It’s from Lauren Hartmann’s Rabbit and Wolves blog, and it’s called Vegan Spicy Thai Peanut Ramen. (Just writing the name makes my mouth water.) We made it for Christmas Eve this past year when all my kids were home for Christmas; they loved it too.

Day 1

We enjoyed it for dinner last night and planned to have it again tonight. At lunch, my husband ate his normal lunch, and then he went in and warmed up a bowl full of this soup (without the noodles; I add those just before we’re going to eat it). He was slurping merrily away, and I said, “I thought we were having that for dinner.”

He said, “Oh, we are. This is just a starter. I’ll have it with noodles for dinner.”

Then tonight we warmed up more of the soup, added noodles, set out the same toppings, and ate it again.

Here are some of the things I heard at dinner, some multiple times.

  • This is a winner of a dinner.
  • Wow, this is amazing.
  • I could eat this every night.
  • This recipe is a keeper.
  • Is there enough to have it again tomorrow?

While I was working on this blog post, he said, “That dinner tonight was really awesome.”

He is really quite enthusiastic about life, not just Vegan Spicy Thai Peanut Ramen. He has taught me to be more grateful for little things. You might be able to see why.

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