Singing Lessons?

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OK, 2020 is an anomaly in more ways than one. There have been some silver linings to be sure (cooking, writing and breathing, for three). Tomorrow may be the start of another silver lining for me.

Our church has developed a series of short skill classes for people to learn during this shutdown. The classes are taught by our members, so whatever they are good at and want to share become the topics for the classes–crocheting, quilting, painting, storytelling, guitar lessons, body building and more.

Saturday afternoon an announcement came for a new skill class: “Introduction to Singing”

What? As a parent, teacher, and hopefully future grandparent, I have always regretted not learning to sing. I don’t have many regrets, but this is one. I was in a church choir one time when I was in college. During the second season, when the director asked us to sing by ourselves–privately, with her, so she could help us individually, I quit. I don’t even have the confidence to start singing “Happy Birthday” on the right note. I lip sync worship songs in church when anyone is sitting in the row ahead of me. I think I am a terrible singer.

I must not have thought too hard or long before I clicked to sign up because within an hour a “registration closed” announcement came by on Whatsapp.

Later that evening I received a notice that I was one of the four people who made the cut, and my first private lesson would be this Wednesday.

The first time I tried, I quit before learning to sing. I was in my 20s. The second time I’m giving it a try, I am in my 60s. My guess is that my poor attitude and fear of singing are even greater than my voice and ability to carry a tune are bad. I am woefully uneducated in music and singing, so I look forward to anything she can teach me.

Wednesday! That’s tomorrow. Now I’m nervous. Fortunately, the lessons are with a kind and gracious recent college grad who sings solos in church. She asked us to share which song we wanted to work on in our lessons. “Happy Birthday” was my choice.

I thought I would write about this slice of my life here, so it might give me confidence to really go through with joining the Zoom link tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.