Top Ten Reasons I Teach

OK, so vlogging is not easy for me. I am a much more natural writer than speaker. I do love the Open Spokes community that is developing around vlogging, though. I’m also happy that I am growing in my ability to speak into a microphone, though I have a long way to go.

This week the topic has been “Why Do I Teach?” As I attempted to answer that question, I realized that on any given day it depended on the conversations I had been having most recently. On Monday my answer would have been that I teach to leave a legacy (thanks to Gallit). On Tuesday, my answer would be to make myself and the world a better place (thanks to Ben). On Wednesday my answer would be because I was compelled to teach (thanks to Sheri) or because relationships with growing students are so rich and important (thanks to Erin). On Thursday, my answer would have been because teaching is a positive profession and we can be successful in important life-changing ways (thanks to Jas).

Well, finally it was Friday, and my turn. My top ten list is heavily influenced by the vlogs and conversations of my fellow Open Spokes.

In the spirit of learning to vlog, I’m going to refrain from writing the commentary that I meant to say in the video. I’m just going to leave you with the outline and the vlog itself. Thanks!

Top Ten Reasons I Teach

10. Learning perks.

9. Rubbing elbows with our role models.

8. Where else is a chief learner to go?

7. Waiting for education reinvention.

6. I want to seek forgiveness for my mistakes.

5. I want to be better.

4. I want to help students, colleagues and the world be better.

3. I want to leave a legacy.

2. I am compelled to teach.

1. I want to give students a safe place to be.