My Namesake

Class of 2012

Today was graduation day at our school. What a wonderful day! This group was the first seventh grade class I had six years ago. They will be missed!

At one of the parties I got to tour a student’s barn.

I have been reading personal experience narratives about that barn over the years, so it was fun to visit it.

I loved the light shining in.
The Barn Full of Stories
The Wall of Fame
Circle of Light

And bonus! I got to meet my namesake, which is a young goat. Miss K is raising three goats for 4-H. They are named Snap, Crackle Krebs, and Pop.

Crackle Krebs
Miss K with Crackle

I love living in Iowa!

I took lots of pictures at the barn today and Miss K said, “Now, you are probably going to write a blog post, right?”

Right! Thanks, K, for inspiring me to do so!