Breathe Out the Stress Breathe In the Peace

Brokenness and heartbreak, loss of job Bickering teachers overwhelmed Safety protocol mistakes Covid deaths and counting White House renegade Friend triangles Knotted neck Breathe out Breathe Breathe in Peace and hope Healthy dinner Thanksgiving (really) Strolling along the shore Cooperating with Truth Foaming bubble bath to my neck Leaning on the everlasting arms That nonet… Read more Breathe Out the Stress Breathe In the Peace


Death For you, the pandemic is only a history lesson owned by old folks who shudder about having gone to Zoom school when they were kids. The fear of fundamentalism was in its prime back then And it happened at a time when some in our country were so poor they didn’t have homes, enough… Read more Death


Last Tuesday I read about #gratiku poetry on Erika Victor’s blog. Gratitude + haiku = gratiku. I thought gratitude was an important thing to have these days. Take time to be grateful. That’s what I will be doing each day in November. 25 Early Thanksgiving Fried chicken and pumpkin bread Welcome gifts from friends 24… Read more #Gratiku