Slice of Life – True or False? Perhaps?

9 April 2024

True or False?

  1. I saw the eclipse on the sidewalk on Monday.
  2. I drove through the Morongo grade and spied a big horn sheep on the mountain.
  3. I am hosting over at Ethical ELA’s Verselove today.
  4. I saw two baby giraffes yesterday.

Three of those things are true. One is false. Any guesses?

First, look at these beauties.  A one-month-old and a two-month-old!

Second, the sun was eclipsed by the moon by about 62% where we were Monday. The maximum view happened at 11:14 a.m. We had  finished walking at the zoo at about 10:30, so I didn’t want to leave and find myself sitting in a restaurant at the max time. So we got a sandwich at the zoo snack bar.

I guess I thought it would get noticeably darker, but that sun didn’t miss a beat! I didn’t notice a smidgeon of darkening in the sky. I didn’t have any glasses to look up at the eclipse, so instead I found a shaded spot that allowed tiny images of the sun to shine through. I stood enjoying the view under this trellis at the zoo. When people would venture by, I’d tell them they could see what was happening in the eclipse in the shadows on the sidewalk. It was a conversation starter and fun to see the shadows move about as the flowers above were blowing in the wind.

The third truth is that I am hosting at Ethical ELA today. We are writing True/False poems, and you don’t have to identify which lines are true or false. (If you read my “True or False” post last month, you might want to join us. If you didn’t read it, you still might want to join us!) Click here to check it out.

The lie, you may have figured out, is that I still have not seen another big horn sheep in the wild in Morongo.

13 thoughts on “Slice of Life – True or False? Perhaps?

  1. Denise,
    I bought eclipse glasses but didn’t go out to look. We toyed with heading out of town to watch, but decided against it. I knew we’d not have much of a show here. And since you posted here before the prompt goes live, I’m getting a sneak peak of your fun prompt. It reminds me of the game Two Truths and a Lie.

  2. I enjoyed seeing where and how you enjoyed 4/8/24!
    And thanks for the invite. I won’t join today but maybe one day!!

  3. I;ve got to leave you a second comment as I just explored your poem invitation link. Thanks for being my poetry teacher today. Thanks for including the link to Clint Smith on the Tonight Show. I had missed that and I adore ALL things Clint Smith!! My April Poetry Month hasn’t been on my radar but you are helping me to prioritize and spend time doing what I love. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Sally, thank you for writing back. I am so glad you did, so I can say thank you for introducing me to Clint Smith with our “How the Word is Passed” book club a few summers ago. It was you who helped me find his work and appreciate it. Thank you!

  4. Denise, I guessed the false statement right away. Things were about the same at my home but I didn’t get to see any giraffes or eat anything nearly as yummy as the photograph you shared. I haven’t written my poem yet, but I have several ideas rolling through my head today.

  5. How fun to watch the eclipse in the shadows!

    And we, too were amazed at the strength of the sun!

  6. Denise, this was such a fun prompt today! I truly enjoyed the writing this morning and the thinking of the list I wrote. Thank you for all you did in hosting. I love the giraffes! I’m pulling for more big horn sheep to come your way.

  7. I love this slice! So clever. I thought the giraffe sighting was your lie – and I am so glad I am wrong, and that you shared the baby giraffe nursing with their momma; this was precious. Those shadows during the ellipse are so gorgeous – a picture worth framing, I think. I really enjoyed your Ethical ELA prompt – thank you!

  8. Gorgeous photos, Denise – those giraffes steal my heart! I was so hoping the big horn sheep sighting was true, knowing how you are looking. Soon I hope!! Today’s poetry invitation was utterly amazing -thank you for that. You are an incredible inspiration to me. 🙂

  9. I love how you answered the true or false with more slicing and the great pictures! Loved your Ethical ELA prompt – I used it today in my slice. Such a great prompt!

  10. I saw this post earlier today and it sent me down a rabbit hole exploring this poetry style (which I adore) as well as reading through your verselove posts. This is an amazing format that leads to thinking and reflecting as well as wondering about the fine line of “truths” where often, just a word chances it’s “truth.”
    I am pretty sure you did not see the eclipse on a sidewalk…but then again…who knows. I have been thinking about this all day!

  11. Denise, I did enjoy your slice today and your True or False poem. I thought I figured it out but who knew you went to the zoo and saw giraffes. The eclipse phenomenons I have read are all amazing no matter how we viewed the event. I also wrote about the eclipse and tried out a new format.

  12. But I know you’re still looking (for the bighorn, I mean). I was at the Poetry Friday website with Irene Latham and saw the featured host: YOU! I loved that True/False poem post, as you know. That’s where I found the magical, “sliver of silver.” Thanks for sending the email with kind comments. Love the attitude of openness characteristic of you.

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