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“Relational Poetic Practice: How Poetic Thinking Empowers Teachers to Author Their Own PD” at Conexiones: Communicate, Collaborate Create 2023 NCTE Annual Convention (November 2023)

“‘Poetry Is Not a Luxury’: Reading & Writing Poetry as Illumination & Life” at Sueños! Pursuing the Light! 2022 NCTE Annual Convention (November 2022)

Genius Hour At Home at Bahrain’s Virtual Teach Meet (April 2020)

Instagrammatical Inspiration at Bahrain’s Teach Meet (February 2019)

Thinking Literacy at 8th ELTPN Conference, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bahrain (October 2019)

Getting Students Moving with Collaboration and Conversation – 7th ELTPN Conference: 21st Century Teaching Practices: Challenges & Solutions, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bahrain (October 2018 and April 2017 at Al Raja School)

Genius Hour: Creative, Productive, and Empowered Students – ELT Conference: Differentiation That Makes a Difference, Arab Open University, Bahrain (March 2015)

Using Mimio Gallery – Al Raja School, Manama, Bahrain (February 2015)

STEM Genius Hour event – Gibson Elementary STEM Academy, California (December 2013)

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Mapping Our Connections – RSCON3 (July 2011)


Edcamp Bahrain, third annual – Leadership team, Al Wisam School, Bahrain (November 2018)

Edcamp Bahrain, second annual – Leadership team, Al Raja School, Bahrain (November 2017)

Edcamp Bahrain, first annual – Leadership team, Al Raja School, Bahrain (November 2016)

Genius Hour – Ed Camp Iowa (February 2013)

Genius Hour and Passion-Based Learning – Ed Camp Sioux City (November 2012)

Guest Posts

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Videos, Podcasts, Interviews & Webinars

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The Genius Hour Guidebook: An Interview with Denise Krebs and Gallit Zvi. By Larry Ferlazzo at Education Week, (July 2016)

TLTalkRadio podcast “Interview with Denise Krebs and Gallit Zvi – Genius Hour,” and hosted by educator-administrators Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten, Episode 2:40. May, 2016

Routledge’s 5 in 10 Google Hangout Series about The Genius Hour Guidebook, with Lauren Davis and Gallit Zvi. Here is an extended text version. March 4, 2016

“Explore, Create, Contribute: the best in Free Online Resources for Educators” webinar at WizIQApril 2, 2015.

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