Slice of Life 29 – Viernes Santo #multifri #sol24

29 March 2024

Es Viernes
Santo y Bueno
es muriendo
Santo y Bueno
Santo y Bueno
¿Por qué
este día

It’s Good Friday
Jesus Christ
is dying
Holy and Good
Holy and Good
Why do we call
this day

En otra nota, esta semana yo he estudiado español para un mil días.

While on vacation when I passed someone speaking Spanish, my husband would usually ask, “Did you understand what they said?” Inevitably, my answer was, “No.” However, once yesterday someone went by and said, “No digas nada.” I told my husband, “Don’t say anything.” He wondered what I meant, and then I told him, “That’s what that guy just said to the teen.” This morning at the strawberry stand, a little girl was getting into her car, singing, “Puerta!” Then her mom came and asked her (while the puerta was still open), “¿Quieres una fresa?” (Do you want a strawberry?) It is nice to begin to be able to eavesdrop, not in a creepy way, but just as I always do without thinking about it in English.

I had made a goal to meet someone in March in order to share language lessons. Update: I’ve spoken to two people about it. No firm yet connection yet, but I have started to commit at last, and the month is not over.