The End of My Private Blog

Recently I began reading Richard Miller’s blog “Worlds End, Worlds Begin.” I found the series he wrote about the end of privacy to be both prophetic and hopeful. It began with the first installment called: The End of Privacy: A Case Study (Tyler Clementi and Wikileaks)

Some of the characteristics that make it effective:
• It is provocative
• It dealt with timely illustrations to make his points
• It is intelligent and challenging
• I had to wait for the next installment
• It included extensive and appropriate illustrations and media
• He engaged the reader by talking to us familiarly

Miller’s end-of-privacy series, twenty or so installments, scared me when I thought of privacy as we’ve known it coming to an end. But it wasn’t Old Testament-scary prophecy. Somehow it was hopeful, as well. We are in a new world. It’s cloud-centric, no longer print-centric. We will need to embrace it and move on with life in this new realm. The blogs left me feeling hopeful.

I recently realized I have spent a year feeling like a private blogger on a world-wide blog. With the “Kick Start Your Blogging” teacher challenge, I’m realizing that there are some positives to letting go of my privacy as a teacher and embracing a new worldwide professional learning community.

What effective blog posts have you read recently?

4 thoughts on “The End of My Private Blog

  1. Dear Mrs. Krebs,
    Thank you for sharing this blog…I looked at it and was quite amazed at how long each post was. I have never seen a blog like this…where the bloggers were more like traditional authors.

    I can’t say that I understood it…coming in on installment #20 probably put me at a distinctive disadvantage. But I enjoyed looking it over and thinking about it.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Mrs. R

  2. Hi Mrs Krebs, I loved reading that you are going public with your blog. I have never privatized any of my work and instead of getting any kickbacks, criticism or safety issues, I have only had positive feedback and support. Blogging has helped me develop a fabulous network. Hope you find the same.
    I did enjoy reading the characteristics that made the blog post effective. It illustrates the fact that we often look for different content that suits our own learning and networking. That needs to be transferred across to our students and individualize learning for them.

  3. Hello Mrs Krebs,
    So interesting and thought-provoking. I have just started the Teacher Challenge, and I think for me, one of the most challenging things is exposing my self, my thoughts … losing my privacy … being available to the “world”. I’m really a very private person. I’m certainly going to have a look at Richard Millar’s blog to find out more. This is definitely something I’m going to explore.

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