Goal #5: Feed Yourself Inspiration

After a tough week, it was good to consider Goal #5: Feed Yourself Inspiration for the #30 Goals Challenge 2012. Here are some of the thoughts that inspire me and keep me going as a teacher…

Why not? What fun is it in limiting our thoughts to only what we think is possible? Think the impossible!

I teach junior highers, and, because of their age, they don’t fully understand that education is “the golden door of freedom.” I try to help them become literate and educated because I know our democracy is at stake if they don’t.

My goal is to inspire students to be lifelong learners, not only so they can preserve our democracy, but so they can change the world.

We are hoping to become a 1:1 junior high next year. Every chance we get, we practice doing authentic work on the computers.

Angela Maiers is an important inspiration in my teaching. “You are a genius, and the world demands your contribution,” is my mantra, learned from Angela.

Another from Angela Maiers. #YouMatter–that’s what I want my students to know. It makes a difference when one believes this!

When I’m not the chief learner, I need to do a checkup and get back to learning.

I strive for excellence, but, at the same time I wait, fear and hope in God, my ultimate inspiration.

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10 thoughts on “Goal #5: Feed Yourself Inspiration

  1. I needed this today. I’ve been feeling like life is a race I’m not winning lately… so much going on. I need to remind myself that just like you have to feed yourself inspiration, you have to LET yourself rest. I’ve been doing a lot of “flapping my wings harder” lately!

    Thanks Denise!


    1. Laura,
      I think of you often with your full-time teaching, your young family and now fixing up, selling your home, moving, and more! My prayers are with you. Have you taken your Sunday afternoon nap today? I hope you will let yourself rest.


  2. Denise,
    You have compiled some wonderful quotes about inspiration with relation to education. As I have said before: You inspire me to be a better teacher, human everyday! Thank you for your wonderful posts!

    1. Nancy,
      Thanks so much. I have enjoyed participating in the 30 Goals Challenge the last couple weeks. I especially enjoyed compiling the quotes that I use often and that inspire me to make a difference in the classroom.

      Thanks for your encouragement. You help me believe I matter, and I hope you know that you matter in my life too. I have been inspired as a teacher more in this past year as a result of friendships like yours than I have been in years. So, thank you!


  3. Denise,
    Thank you so much for this passionate post about your inspirations. I love the colour and beauty of the words and the images-it is uplifting and it makes me smile. Angela Maiers is so inspirational! #youmatter is a brilliant and amazing movement, I love it! Where did you find and/or create the images with the quotes? They are so terrific! Thank you again and here’s to believing impossible things! đŸ™‚

  4. Thanks, Tannis, for visiting and leaving this kind comment. I do appreciate Angela Maiers so much.

    I’ve created these images. Most of them were made on Photovisi.com, which has interesting backgrounds and great fonts. On the others I took a photo and edited it on BeFunky.com or Picnik.com and added text. I’ve been part of two photo groups this year, so I’ve had fun learning to use some of those photo editing sites. Thanks for asking.


  5. Mrs. Krebs,
    I am Kaitlin Boatman a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I was assigned your blog to comment on for two weeks. I really enjoyed reading your inspirational quotes. I love quotes, they always tend to make me want to do better throughout my day. I am an elementary education major, and I would love to be as you are with your students one day. I want to inspire them to want to learn and to be life long learners. Again, I really enjoyed reading these and will be adding some to my wall of quotes!

    Kaitlin Boatman

    1. Kaitlin, how nice of you to visit my blog and leave this thoughtful comment. I love quotes too! It’s funny how adding graphics helps me make them more meaningful. That’s why I like to add quotes to a picture.

      I will look forward to visiting your blog too. Best wishes to you in your education. I think Dr. Strange is preparing you for life as a 21st century life-long learner! You won’t be able to help but pass that on to your students.

      Blessings to you, Kaitlin,
      Denise Krebs

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