Ahh Friday…Time for Genius Hour

My students were engaged in learning during genius hour today. Creating, learning, building, inventing, baking, competing…It was lots of fun.

Bells ring and no one twitches.
Band teacher arrives to find a student who forgot to go to her lesson.
Students lost in their creating and learning.

We all love genius hour!

More photos here.

4 thoughts on “Ahh Friday…Time for Genius Hour

  1. May the genius in their creating and learning carry through to all their stages in life. Learning is a lifelong journey if we only open our minds to the world around us. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Ross,
    That is definitely my hope! What a success we will be if our students become lifelong learners!

    Thanks for visiting!

    “Live as if you would die tomorrow; learn as if you would live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

  3. Mrs. Krebs,

    This Genius Hour sounds so much fun! It is amazing to see what students can do when they are totally into it!

    Kaitlin Boatman

  4. Kaitlin,
    Thanks for checking out what my students are doing for genius hour! Would that school was always like this!

    Have a great spring break!

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