Grateful Slicer, Day 30

I am a grateful slicer, a new slicer in 2017.

Thanks to all those who have read my posts this month and left kind, helpful and quality comments.

A special thanks to my regular visitors, Aileen Hower and Erika Victor. You have each been a cheerleader to keep me writing on this journey! It seems I could always look forward to your helpful and encouraging responses. When I didn’t feel like writing, or thought I had nothing to say, I somehow knew you would notice. Thank you!

Although, I didn’t make the full challenge, I did manage to post each day. I forgot to add my link to the SOL website a couple times, and I had a week of little to no commenting! All in all, it’s been a great adventure, and I look forward to keeping up my writing with the weekly Slice of Life Tuesday challenge.

7 thoughts on “Grateful Slicer, Day 30

  1. Welcome to the the community! This is my 4th March challenge, but I’ve never made it the whole year. I’m determined that this will be my year to do it! Maybe we’ll “see” each other around! đŸ™‚

  2. Thank you, Katy! It would be a challenge to make every single Tuesday! I will be satisfied to go for many Tuesdays. It will be more than I’ve done in years. Good luck to you trying to make it this year.

    Yes, we will see each other around.

  3. Well done! Glad you enjoyed your month of slicing. Last year was my first time and I came back this year. Despite being tough, it was easier to make time this year. Great job for showing up!

  4. It was wonderful to learn with and from you! Congratulations đŸ™‚

  5. I have enjoyed learning more about you through your slices! I think in this busy month I definitely feel like I received more than I gave, in terms of growth. I look forward to reading more of your writing on Tuesdays.

  6. Katy, Kristy, Anita, Aileen, and Erika,
    Thanks to all of you for being the catalyst that made me keep going! Like many of the quotes on the Slice of Life blog this month have suggested, “showing up” is half the battle. It’s been good to show up.

    Best of wishes to you in your next year of writing!


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