Energy Multipliers

Energy Multipliers

    • Walking briskly indoors (or outdoors when the weather permits)
    • Sipping a pot of karak tea
    • Finishing a good book
    • Creating something
    • Chatting with a friend
    • Writing, writing, writing
    • Communicating with my husband
    • Cooking something delicious
    • Baking cookies

One line that goes through many of my energy multipliers is that I love being productive. That’s why cooking, baking, reading, writing, creating, and walking all end with an accomplishment–something I can say I made or finished.

Good communication is also a value, especially deepening one-on-one and small group relationships.

I noticed there is just one thing that has me sitting quietly alone. Sipping tea. I love to drink tea, especially spicy, sweet, milky karak tea. However, even though it is on my list of multiplying energy, I am not usually doing it only. I am typically multitasking–reading, writing or working on my computer. while I sip. So, is it really an energy multiplier or just something I love to drink?

Today is Day 187 in Bahrain’s Covid time, Prompt 107 for The Isolation Journals with Suleika Jaouad. Her prompt(s) today:

Your prompt for the week:
What multiplies your energy? Write these in list form and tack them to the wall above your desk.

Bonus Prompt:
Reflect on the throughline between all of these things. What is it they do for you? What qualities do they share?