Poetry Friday – My Heart Sings

On Wednesday for Ethical ELA’s Open Write, Britt Decker created a picture book poetry prompt. I was inspired by a new book, Mighty Wings, by Debbie Clement and Sarah Joy. It is a lovely picture book about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly.

I chose a line from the refrain and wrote a golden shovel about my grandson, who is due in June.

My Heart Sings

My new love already holds my
Heart. I haven’t met him yet, while he still
Sings his song of creation. “I’m
Watching you,” I whisper.
Your sweet life will bring joy and a
Mighty hope of new growth,
Wings of a bright future.

Poetry Friday this week is hosted by Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect. Tricia shares the Exquisite Corpse poem she and the Poetry sisters wrote, along with her revision called “Post-Pandemic Life.”

24 thoughts on “Poetry Friday – My Heart Sings

  1. This is beautiful, Denise! I do love a Golden Shovel poem.

    How wonderful to think that someday you’ll be able to read this to your grandson, and tell him the story of how you wrote it for him before he was born. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  2. Grandchildren are the best gift in the world! Of course, your heart sings.

  3. Oh, this is so lovely and I feel the “mighty hope of new growth.” What a happy poem full of gratitude, Denise.

  4. My heart continues to sing as I watch my grandchildren grow, Denise. I am going to visit my grandson in college next weekend. It’s been a joy to know him. Your poem begins a journey you will love.

  5. Wow, Denise, you really handled this beautifully. I find Golden Shovels VERY challenging, but this rolls right off the tongue!

  6. What a beautiful cover — the life cycle of the Monarch is an amazing thing — but WOW, you knocked it out of the park with your poem. And congratulations on the grandbaby!

  7. Denise, it is so wonderful to see you at PF again. I love your heartfelt poem and wish your family best wishes and lots of joy as you wait on your new arrival. Wings of a bright future is a beautiful way to close your poem.

    1. Ah, thank you, Carol. I’ve been missing my friends. I’ve been trying to find a groove in my new situation. Thanks for your wishes.

  8. Denise, your poem is a beautiful tribute to your grandson. I wrote a poem to my unborn granddaughter. Your poem reminded me that I’ve never shown it to her. She is almost 12! Thanks for the lovely reminder!

  9. ooooooh, how beautiful. And, congratulations! A Grandson to enjoy. I’m delighted for you. Enjoy every moment. Your heart is already held…isn’t that the best? What a joy!

  10. Love is like a butterfly, isn’t it? Growing, changing, flourishing and flying! My mother became a grandma for the first time a few years ago, and seeing her interact with my son is such a precious gift. <3

  11. Such a beautiful gift for your grandson! I am awaiting my first grandchild, due in August, so your poem has special resonance. Thank you!

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