Poetry Friday – The Poetry Marathon Report

Today’s Poetry Friday roundup is happening over at The Poem Farm with Amy Ludwig VanDerwater. “You asked how to write a poem?” Amy has some good advice! Thank you for hosting, Amy.

Last Saturday was The Poetry Marathon. It was a challenge to write 24 poems in 24 hours, but I did it, writing a lot of drivel, especially in the middle of my disrupted sleep.

Below is one of my favorite concoctions, which was based on listening to a music prompt. One of the songs that was suggested was without lyrics and lasted about six minutes. I just typed while I listened to the song; I was also listening to the birds outside my window. Two additional minutes of minor editing, and then I posted it. I want to experiment more with this kind of writing.


Daylight beckons me
spilling out of darkness
the day begins with
breezes of breath
tears of joy
crags of a life
without regrets.
The birds are
playing and
humming their songs
sometimes screeching,
but always authentic.
Oh, to be like a bird
on the wing of this new day.

Inspired by Max Richter’s “On the Nature of Daylight”

Prompt for Hour Eight

I posted all 24 poems and the prompts here at their own post.

Join me next year?

I made it!