Five Foods

I seem to have slices of delicious food on my mind this March, so here comes another food post.

I (and you) have been invited to a favorites party by @Teachr4. The party happens at your blog, and all you have to bring are your five favorite things.

If I could, I would give you my favorites not only here on the blog, but I’d have you come over to my house. That way we could have our favorites party in person. I’d share with you my favorite foods since coming to Bahrain.

  1. Hummus and Turkish bread from Al Abraaj – I’ve always loved hummus and bread, and I could eat this every day! The Turkish bread is hot out of the oven, thick, chewy, and absolutely delicious. (Want to try it?)
    My favorite table at Al Abraaj. #cy365 #t365project
  2. Hammour is the premiere fish here. It’s a kind of Grouper; it’s attributes include: “Extra lean, firm texture, white meat with large flake and a mild flavor.” Exactly. Need I say more. (Are you ready?)

    Hammour from Al Abraaj
  3. Halloumi Cheese, yes, that is really cheese, browning in a pan. Melty, but firm. Have you ever had halloumi cheese? You are in for a treat! (Book that plane now.)12_halloumi

    Halloumi picture by Lamerie (CC BY-NC 2.0)

  4. Pani Puri is an Indian street food, but we have to go to a restaurant for it here. These little crispy cups filled with veggies and legumes come ready for you to top them off with watery chili and/or sweet tamarind sauces, according to taste. I go for heavy on the sweet flavor. Here is my sweet daughter, (who goes heavy on the chili sauce) and my future son-in-law enjoying pani puri in Bahrain. (We have an extra room for you!)
  5. Dates have always been a favorite food of mine, and I had never seen so many varieties before coming to the Middle East. I’ve really never met a date I didn’t like. (So, check your calendar and set a date!)