You Matter!

Thanks, Angela, for a great talk. I’m glad the weather allowed you to get to the Tedx Talk in Des Moines. Here is Angela’s original post.

Now here we are in August, and a new school year starts on Tuesday. Angela’s video was a great one to watch before a room full of new students comes to my room.

Here are a few things I have done as a result:

  1. I just created my first “Noticing Notebook.”
  2. I’ve written my favorite angelamaierism on the board: “You are a genius, and the world expects your contribution!”
  3. Most importantly, my goal is to write it on their hearts this year by entrusting them with learning.

Our students are geniuses, and as we let go of the control of our classrooms and put their learning in their own capable hands, amazing things happen.

I can’t wait until Tuesday!