America’s Medical Leadership

Last evening my husband and I walked to the pharmacy for anti-itch ointment. My husband chatted with the pharmacist for a bit. They talked about pre- and post-covid prices for rubbing alcohol. They discussed how long they each thought covid would continue. Then the pharmacist asked if we had seen the video from America about covid and how it wasn’t actually as bad as we are making it out to be.

My husband and I looked at each other, wonderingly. He pulled out his phone and turned on What’sApp to show us the now infamous video of Dr. Stella Immanuel.

Screenshot by Houston Chronicle from YouTube

He emphasized, “From America.” And it was amplified by the president of the United States. What a time we are living in!

My husband told the pharmacist that he tries to listen to the CDC and WHO and trust that they are giving more measured guidance. He agreed, but of course, we had no indication that he was going to delete that video and not share it with the next customer when the subject came up.

Then this morning as I was writing this post, I received a text message in a WhatsApp group with the same video clip showing the ever-present Dr. Stella telling no masks were needed because there is a cure for covid.

America has become a very different world leader under this administration.

I prefer the wisdom in this video by a Kenyan health official: