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by Denise Krebs

Goal #5: Feed Yourself Inspiration

After a tough week, it was good to consider Goal #5: Feed Yourself Inspiration for the #30 Goals Challenge 2012. Here are some of the thoughts that inspire me and keep me going as a teacher…

Why not? What fun is it in limiting our thoughts to only what we think is possible? Think the impossible!

I teach junior highers, and, because of their age, they don’t fully understand that education is “the golden door of freedom.” I try to help them become literate and educated because I know our democracy is at stake if they don’t.

My goal is to inspire students to be lifelong learners, not only so they can preserve our democracy, but so they can change the world.

We are hoping to become a 1:1 junior high next year. Every chance we get, we practice doing authentic work on the computers.

Angela Maiers is an important inspiration in my teaching. “You are a genius, and the world demands your contribution,” is my mantra, learned from Angela.

Another from Angela Maiers. #YouMatter–that’s what I want my students to know. It makes a difference when one believes this!

When I’m not the chief learner, I need to do a checkup and get back to learning.

I strive for excellence, but, at the same time I wait, fear and hope in God, my ultimate inspiration.

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by Denise Krebs
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Joining Our Students in the e Wild West

My favorite quote by Angela Maiers

For the past year, Angela Maiers has been a transformative influence in my teaching. She is a passionate 21st century literacy education leader and visionary.

In one year, my teaching has experienced a thorough metamorphosis, starting with colleagues Mary and Brenda going to ITEC10 and telling me all about what they learned. A few months later I went to a conference led by Angela, and she has sealed the deal. I’ll never be the same.

I just read an article by Julia Steiny on the Standing with the Kids blog (Love her tagline: Education is intellectual parenting, or it should be.)

Anyway, in the article, “Most Kids Way Ahead of Us as Digital Learners, for Better and Worse,” the second in a series of interviews with Angela, Julia and Angela say so eloquently what I believe so passionately. Simply: adults need to be out in the digital Wild West with our children, learning with them and protecting them from dangers. (See the first article here.)

Bonus: My mentor Angela mentioned my genius students & me in her interview.

Thanks, Julia, for a great article.
Thanks, Angela! You matter in my life!

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