(Road) Apples for the Teacher?

Road apples for the teacher? That’s what I briefly thought when I came to school the other day. This is a picture of what I saw on my desk.
road apples
What is it? I thought, as I approached my desk. At closer look, though, I saw it was not road apples at all, but tape balls. My sweet seventh graders peeled the old tape off my floor. It had been there since October, when we turned our linoleum floor into a makeshift cargo hold of a slave ship to experience the small space each person was allowed on board.

The tape needed to come off, and when I was called away from my class unexpectedly, the students talked the sub into letting them finish the job!

Tape balls for the teacher!

Thanks, Sevies!

One thought on “(Road) Apples for the Teacher?

  1. I love the slave ship idea and offering your students the opportunity to experience another human being’s plight.
    You mentioned you missed doing more arts education activities with your older students…
    Being an Arts educator of 30 years, may I suggest that next year you include the same concept of that personal space (close quarters) and ask them to create their own Art Galleries within a taped off margin around their respective desks or modules. View various art galleries on line via the internet if need be. OR…My first choice…GO to a real art gallery!
    Asking them to design a gallery space based on either a unit of work you are studying (ie; space exploration, US History,The Elderly, Africa, Ecology or based on an artist’s particular genre or style or perhaps select a medium as the focus; clay or paint or photography.
    It is my experience that all people in general love creating a space that defines them and sets them apart. Kids love to create cubbies and forts and make it their own. Coming to school and retuning to their own space feels familiar, like a home they have made. It creates a sense of pride and ownership.
    Whatever you do, it is one more way of choosing to celebrate the Arts, their creative abilities and I guarantee you you will have much happier , fulfilled students.
    Because, after all, we are all made in the image of a very creative God and we are all much happier when we are creating!!!!

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