Thanks for Helping Me Get Ready

Dear PLN,

Last winter while dreaming of the summertime Iowa Reading Conference, I considered signing up to be a presenter for a breakout session on “Joining the Conversation.”

With my Flickr friends’ encouragement, I took the plunge. Here is the description for my session:

It wasn’t long ago when networking with colleagues was limited to our school districts, local councils, and, occasionally, state conferences. However, educators today develop global professional friendships, which lead to wonderful opportunities for our students. Explore how you can build your own PLN (Personal Learning Network) through Twitter, blogging, and Flickr. If you are considering joining the conversation, come and we’ll get started.

Now, here we are a couple days before the session, and I am really excited. I hope many people will consider it by attending my session. I know those of you who are reading this post recognize the benefits of joining in this conversation, which includes global friends and colleagues passionate about education. I want to share our enthusiasm with a growing group of educators.

About a month ago I asked for members of my PLN to add a note telling about the benefits of their PLN. So many of you responded here, graciously and with eloquence. Thank you for helping me get ready for my session!

Now, my handout is ready, and I am soon leaving to learn at an awesome reading conference, one I haven’t been to in six years because before this year it was always at a bad time in April. Now, it’s summertime!

But before I go, I would like to ask one more request of you, friends. If you are available, would you consider joining in the conversation on Wednesday, June 27, at 2:00 p.m. CST? We have a Twitter hashtag to follow: #IowaReads and a Today’s Meet session:

Thanks so much, in advance! I know I’ll “see” some of you there.

5 thoughts on “Thanks for Helping Me Get Ready

  1. I’ll be downtown Chicago showing in-laws around, so I’ll sadly miss it, but have FUN!

  2. Joy, thanks! Have fun in Chicago. What a great place to visit.


  3. Hey this is Dr. Strange’s student again, and my blog is, I notice in this blog post you talked about your PLN, and Dr. Strange has made us start our own PLN in class. I like my PLN, and it is very beneficial as the members of your PLN have stated. You can get opinions about things from people all over the world. PLN is great!!!

  4. Thanks, Keilan! You go guy! I’m glad you are building your PLN. It will continue to serve you well in the new profession you are pursuing.


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