Day 5 – #AprilBlogADay Challenge – Happy Easter

First of all, a blessed Happy Easter to all those who celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

And Chag kasher v’same’ach to my Jewish friends who celebrate Passover.

Now for today’s very short #AprilBlogADay post…

What needs to stop in order for Education to move forward? What practice, tradition, instructional strategy or anything else “must die”?

It will be an amazing day when educators stop rewarding students for standing in straight lines, for being quiet, for being good, for jumping through hoops, and anything else for which they are rewarded. Along with that, grading must die. Then children will start to really learn.

Here are some resources to learn more about this simple, yet necessary idea.

Alfie Kohn interview about his book Punished By Rewards.

No Grades + No Homework = Better Learning, two lectures by Alfie Kohn.

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