Day 30 – #AprilBlogADay – Impact

How has #AprilBlogADay impacted your practice?

During the month of April:

  • I had a cold that lasted four weeks. (Maybe it was something else!?)
  • I finished up a big editing project.
  • I taught school for three weeks, minus one much-appreciated spring break week.
  • And I posted 33 times on this blog!

I did plenty of other things too, but I won’t list them all, thank goodness!

One of the things I realized is that I can write a small amount in a short time. It’s not always eloquent or inspiring, but I can write. I can even dare to post it.

After a very lean blogging year, I have again become inspired. In April, I have read more, thought more, learned more and written more about my craft of teaching than I had in a long time. I believe #AprilBlogADay has kick-started my blog, and for that I’m very grateful.

Next month, I will join the #EdBlogADay group, but I will participate as a reader and commenter. I will also post an occasional blog post. My average used to be around 3-4 in a month; I think that is doable in May.

Thanks to Chris Crouch (@the_explicator) for initiating this challenge.

Now, how about if you join us in May for round 2? Read more about it here.