May 10 #EdBlogADay


Today’s blog posts I’ve read and commented on! Enjoy!

Christy Post (@christypost9)
Blogs at Elementary Principles
Post: Something I Would Love to Try

Carol Perry (@clperry55)
Blogs at Better is Possible
Post: Why Collaborate?

Connie Rockow (@crockow8)
Blogs at The Optimistic Educator
Post: I Am That Teacher

Dawn Ellis (@dellis222)
Blogs at The Upfront Educator
Post: The Banana Tangent

Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry (@DoctorDea)
Blogs at Notions & Potions
Post: #EdBlogADay: Why Blog? Might I Wax Philosophic?

Cat Weer (@edutechchick)
Blogs at EduTechChick
Post: Teacher Appreciation Week