#JJAProject – A Photo A Day in June, July, August

A summer memory from 2013

Summer is coming, and I believe it’s a perfect time to join a photo a day group.

Four years ago Sheri Edwards invited me to join in the 2011 inaugural summer of the #JJAProject–for June, July, August Project. It was started especially for busy teachers who might want to do a picture a day, but can’t commit during the school year. It sounded perfect, and I wholeheartedly jumped in that summer.

Mostly, it was a wonderful way to get to know members of my PLN. When people share their lives through photographs and stories, how can we not get to know them? It was a lovely experience, and I still appreciate the friendships that have developed.

In addition, a photo a day is a great way to archive memories. For instance, I just looked back at at this post from 2011, and I had warm memories of that summer when we painted Maria’s room RED and I went to an NEH Landmarks of American History summer workshop about Abraham Lincoln.

In 2013, I tried it again, and it was another great summer of photos, relationship building, and memory collecting.

I seem to be on a two-year track with #JJAProject, for now I’m ready to do it again this summer.

Would you like to join?

It’s easy! Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Take a picture a day starting June 1.
  2. Choose how you want to share it. Post it on Flickr in the #JJAProject group or share it on Instagram. Create a photo-a-day blog and write about it or simply attach it to a tweet on Twitter.
  3. Tag it and share it with the hashtag #JJAProject.
  4. One more important step is to leave comments on the photos of other participants, deepening friendships and connections with members in your PLN!

8 thoughts on “#JJAProject – A Photo A Day in June, July, August

  1. Michelle,
    I’m so glad you’ll join us! I’m excited too. It’s been awhile since I have taken a picture a day. It’s such a nice log of our days and experiences.

    See you soon at #JJAProject!


  2. Hi again! Do you have advice on the first step—for example, I am not familiar with Flickr but had an Instagram account…didn’t really use it, but I can re-open it. I do want to be able to blog with this…any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!
    Michelle 🙂

  3. Hi Michelle,

    If you want a place to store some pictures, I would suggest opening a Flickr account. It’s free and you get 1 TB of space.

    It’s a great way to save space on your blog too. For instance, if you click on the spider web image above, it will go to the Flickr site where that picture is stored. The image itself isn’t uploaded to my blog. Instead when you go click on the Add Media button, you then go to Insert from URL. Here’s a presentation I made that can help you get the needed URL and insert it into your blog post: http://tinyurl.com/FlickrtoEdublogs

    I also wrote this in a blog post, in case anyone else would benefit from it.

    If you do join Flickr, be sure to join the group here: https://www.flickr.com/groups/1670897@N20/

    This may be more than you want to tackle this summer, but maybe not! Enjoy!

    You can choose any method to share your images. Instagram is easy, if you decide to do that. I think sharing it on Twitter with the #JJAProject hashtag will ensure (or is it insure?) that the rest of us see it. You can also do a variety. If blogging every day is too much, maybe just once a week, and the other pictures just share on Twitter.

    Thanks, Michelle! Looking forward to reading your blog and reflections on your photos.


  4. HI again! I’ve got Flickr set up now! 🙂

    Next…do I set up a special page with my current blog? to “Create a photo-a-day blog and write about it?”

    Thanks so much, Denise, for supporting me in this! Michelle

    1. Yes! Michelle, way to go!

      The new page will only look like one post, though. A page is usually more static. You might want to make a whole new blog, so you can make daily posts to it.

      Or, you can change the name of your present blog to something more suitable to all your interests. Then use categories to show when you are blogging with our class and when you are doing a photo of the day post, for instance.

      There are lots of options depending on how you want to configure it. Does that raise any more questions?


  5. Michelle,
    Super. I’m looking forward to following this new blog. Thanks for the conversation going on here.

    One suggestion to consider. Your images on Flickr are shared with all rights reserved, so you aren’t giving anyone permission to use the images on blog posts or for anything. That’s the default setting in Flickr, and it’s fine. However, if you would like to consider a different license, here’s something to go through to help you choose the CC license you might be interested in: https://creativecommons.org/choose/


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