Day 10 Slice of Life – Not Giving Up Hope

Bahrain has been fighting this virus with all stops out–cancelling the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix to spectators is one of the latest. Today the Bahraini Parliament voted on whether to cancel school for the rest of the year. I was happy to hear the report that they are not yet giving up hope for the school year. I pray we will be back to school this year. I miss the students so much, and I’m sure they will tire of virtual learning.

The world has a common enemy, and we will win the Coronavirus battle.

Proposal to extend suspension of schools until end of academic year rejected.


8 thoughts on “Day 10 Slice of Life – Not Giving Up Hope

  1. Phew thank goodness they’re not being closed for that long. This panic seems to be taking over everything!

    1. Yes, at least it gives us time to see what is happening before that drastic move. We can take it a couple weeks at a time for now.

  2. I realize we have to be careful and cautious in the uncertain Coronavirus time. I’m sure the powers-that-be want to ensure the safety and well-being of all the people. Decision makers have a hard job to do right now.

    1. Yes, I’m glad I’m not making the big decisions. I’ve even realized how tough it is for our administrators at just one of hundreds of schools in one small country. Anyway, I respect those working so closely trying to keep it contained.

  3. Whew! It really is that dire in some places. Glad to hear that it’s not yet a done deal. Hang in there. It will take a lot of us holding onto hope to get us through this one.

  4. I’m glad to hear school has not been postponed. I do think the “common enemy” is bigger than this one virus. I can’t help but think about the ways climate change and rainforest destruction must be linked to this pandemic.

    Glad you got the message about commenting. Let’s hope this one posts. Fingers crossed.

    1. That is a frightening thought about climate disruption, and yes, it is a bigger enemy. I hope it will be a wake up alarm clock for everyone.

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