Day 31 Slice of Life – A March Summary

Slices of Life
With a bit more strife.
Many slices in March
And our nerves parch.
Many slices, same feel.
For April, are we able to steal
More moments of joy and grace
To fill our place, our space?
We’ll do it, to be sure.
Oh, when will there be a cure?

Too much
Screen time.
Not enough
Making rhyme.

Too much Zoom
Not enough
welcoming room.

Too many
online assignments.
Not enough
Starry diamonds.

Too many
electronic mails.
Not enough
captivating tales.

For me.
And for them.

Here’s a 34-second look at my month.

Day 30 Slice of Life – Pockets of Grace

These days I look for pockets of grace in my stay-at-home life. Here are a few from today:

  • We took a walk around our parking garage to get our blood flowing.
  • I baked bread for a nurse who had brought us a loaf of sour dough from San Francisco, and I have another loaf rising on the counter for tomorrow morning. You should try it.
Next morning update – bread baked
  • I have two student bloggers now. We are starting gradually because we are stuck at home. I’m making an account for those who ask, and I’ll teach them as we go. Here are their first two posts: The Haunted House and Interview with Sheika Marwa
  • A student applied figurative language learning at home, and it was beautiful.
  • I started a new novel, thanks to Jackie’s comment yesterday: Celeste Ng’s Book, Little Fires Everywhere.
  • I received a thank you. I don’t think she answered the question, but it was my favorite answer.

What pockets of grace have you seen today?