Day 31 Slice of Life – A March Summary

Slices of Life
With a bit more strife.
Many slices in March
And our nerves parch.
Many slices, same feel.
For April, are we able to steal
More moments of joy and grace
To fill our place, our space?
We’ll do it, to be sure.
Oh, when will there be a cure?

Too much
Screen time.
Not enough
Making rhyme.

Too much Zoom
Not enough
welcoming room.

Too many
online assignments.
Not enough
Starry diamonds.

Too many
electronic mails.
Not enough
captivating tales.

For me.
And for them.

Here’s a 34-second look at my month.

8 thoughts on “Day 31 Slice of Life – A March Summary

  1. Your poem captures the essence of this month. I did read many posts about the virus and life’s stressors, but although familiar they were all different, too. I suppose that’s the uniqueness of each life shining through.

    I’m glad you conquered the comment posting thing that ate comments at the beginning of the month. Let’s forgive ourselves for those screen time stats. Right now we have little control over that. Be well. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you, Glenda. You have been a great support in the Slice of Life process this year. It’s only the second time I’ve managed to participate, so I guess some of that screen time was welcome. Blessings to you!

  2. I love your poem….It summarized the month well. The video at the end was a wonderful bonus. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 ~JudyK

    1. Thanks for reading, viewing, and commenting, dear Judy. Yes, the video has been fun this year. It’s my first time trying the 1 Second Every Day app.

  3. What a clever poem about this writing challenge. I also loved the 1 second video montage. I had heard about this project on a podcast, but seeing it done in real life is even more intriguing. Thanks for sharing! Although I will miss the built in audience of this challenge, I also appreciate the habits that it helped carve as I consider capturing thoughts in words moving forward.

    Your support has meant a lot! Happy April (in advance)!

    1. Thank you, Jackie, for your kind words. Yes, the 1 Second project has been fun and easy. It’s actually even easy to go back and find images from before and fill in when you forget a day or month. 😉

      Do you have plans for April? I’m going to try the EthicalELA poetry challenge. Happy writing to you too!

  4. Oh, that was special to see your video clip with a second of every day! I loved the water going down the drain…there were many draining days, yes? But so much joy, too, found in the written words of this writing challenge. So great to connect with you this month! I enjoyed these rhymes:
    Too much
    Screen time.
    Not enough
    Making rhyme.

    1. Thank you so much. I like the metaphor of draining days. Yes, there were those. I hadn’t thought of that. When I went to get my camera that day I had thought it looked like a swirling galaxy. B the time I got back, there were lots of visible herby planets zooming around too so it didn’t look as goog.

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