6 thoughts on “Day 29 Slice of Life – A Quote and Rebuttal

  1. I absolutely, totally agree. I think many things including economic insecurity, social insecurity, food insecurity, and the level of education and employment of a given child’s parents have real and extensive impact on how the child develops and then, later, the choices in front of that child through early childhood into the teens. These things are well beyond the control and choice of the individual and that does not even touch on things like hygiene and disease, which can also have a real and serious impact that is beyond choice.
    Unfortunately, many are not born into a life of choices, but into a life dictated by outside influences beyond the control of the individual.
    A few of my thoughts on this very complicated issue.

    1. Thanks, Scott. I always appreciate your thoughtful responses. You brought up really good additions to my thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and adding so much.

  2. Have you read Celeste Ng’s Book, Little Fires Everywhere? It is a series on Hulu now. One character responds to another character who claimed that she had “made good choices:”

    “You didn’t make good choices, you had good choices.”

    1. Jackie, I have not read that, but I just stopped to buy the Kindle version. That is a great quote–“You didn’t make good choices, you had good choices.” Thank you so much for the recommendation and comment.

  3. Oooh – I love that line above, “You didn’t make good choices, you had good choices.” I love the first part of your student’s quote…I want students thinking “no one is born a winner or a loser”. I miss the clarity of youth! Of course, I agree with you, it’s not so simple after that. It’s not simply choice. There are so many extenuating factors – and our disposition/mindset about those things. I hope that one gift of education would be the gift of ‘thinking’ – to be aware of ‘more’ or ‘other’ or ‘possibility’ …this comment could be a start of a slice, ha! Thanks for getting me thinking.

    1. Thank you, Maureen. Yes, I remember when my daughter was growing up and wanting to be the president of the United States. It seemed a simple, clear goal, which she gradually lost. As we know, though, there are a lot of extenuating factors that prevent us from having a woman president. And if she were a woman of color, the factors working against her would be even more. I am glad you got thinking about this for a possible slice. Take care.

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